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Printing Industry   

Chemical Marketing Corporation (CMC) has been supplying the printing industry with washes, cleaners, and chemical solutions since 1970.

Our customers range from conventional to UV printers in the lithographic, flexographic and screen printing business. Our mission is to provide value to printing companies by delivering quality products, prompt service, appropriate technologies, and product development at a fair price. Our motto is to "create chemical solutions to problems in the pressroom  whenever possible."

CMC combines solvent and water based technologies with thirty years of expertise to create these solutions.

Products and Services

CMC supplies a number of products and related services in each of the following categories:

- Roller and Blanket Washes for conventional and UV/EB sheetfed and web presses (including automated wash up systems for most presses)                                                                                      - Flexo Washes for water based and UV presses

- Screen Washes

- Specialty use washes for cleaning metering rollers, pan rollers, back cylinders, plates, coating units, side frames, numbering machines, cloth dampener covers, parts washing, etc.

- Washes developed to meet environmental and safety regulations

- Customized washes for specific applications including reducing or eliminating reportable VOCs, HAPs, and SARA 313 Chemicals

- Washes developed to reduce or eliminate hazardous waste

- Fountain Solutions, Alcohol replacements, and Alcohol

- Waste services and recycled solvent services

    Choose CMC for quality products and unequalled customer service!