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Aqueous Cleaners 

Oil and water don't mix, right? Chemical Marketing's line of aqueous cleaners -Aquaclean- proves that the age-old adage is wrong.

Aqueous (water-based) cleaning uses water as the solvent, and employs cleaners  to provide the power to release and remove oil, grease and a host of other soils from a variety of surfaces. Aqueous cleaning can be the solution in many situations where traditional solvent-based cleaning is no longer practical due to cost, safety   or environmental issues. In processes ranging from printing to metal finishing, parts cleaning to hand wiping, and dip tanks to spray cabinet cleaning, our Aquaclean line of cleaners addresses these issues and provides solutions.


Aqueous Products and Services  

Aquaclean    2                         Low foam, liquid,  heavy-duty concrete  floor cleaner   

Aquaclean   3           Cleaner/phosphatizer liquid for prepaint metal treatment

Aquaclean   4                    Organic alkaline liquid cleaner for sensitive applications such as electronics

Aquaclean   5              Concentrate for aqueous fountain parts washers

Aquaclean   6                       Heavy duty, Aluminum safe, foaming liquid degreaser

Aquaclean  7                      Caustic spray wash powdered detergent

Aquaclean   8                  Aluminum safe spray wash powdered detergent

Aquaclean  11                    Caustic soak tank powdered detergent


Aquaclean   19               Industrial strength ready-to-use spray and wipe degreaser

Aquaclean    33                    Heavy duty, no VOC, Aluminum safe alkaline spray wash liquid

Aquaclean    34                     Multi-metal safe, non-chromated liquid cleaner for deburring and grinding applications

Aquamask                            Water soluble spray-on mask for paint overspray protection

Adhesive Remover II-                No VOC, biodegradeable adhesive remover

Pure Gold-                                No VOC, biodegradeable cleaner for roller and blanket wash, asphalt residue and graffiti removal, degreasing, etc.


This is just a sampling of some of our available products. Our services also include: On-site consultations; modification of existing products to meet specific customer requirements; creation of complete custom formulations to meet your unique needs; help with regulatory issues; tote and bulk capability; and technical support as needed.