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Chemical Marketing Corporation (CMC) is both a chemical distributor and a custom blender based in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. CMC is organized into two primary marketing divisions--industrial and printing. We supply a broad scope of chemicals to a wide range of industrial and printing customers nationwide, operating from a state-of-the-art blending and warehousing facility completed in 1998. With our over 30 years in the chemical business, our technical sales staff has the experience to develop chemical solutions that solve problems in virtually any process application. We specialize in creating customized formulations designed to address environmental and safety concerns, as well as specific cleaning issues.                       

CMC will blend to your specifications with fast turnaround and competitive pricing. In addition, with our wide array of industry connections, we are able to source virtually any chemical that a customer might need. Then, we can either stock it for them or refer them to another source if that makes the most sense. So, give us a call before you make your next chemical purchase, and don't forget to ask about our full line of aqueous cleaning products called Aquaclean.    







                Choose CMC for quality products and unequalled customer service!